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Street Preachers out in Force

  Street preachers were also out in force. As Olympic visitors emerged from Stratford station they were met by whole groups of preachers, waving banners, many of which were negative, and thrusting leaflets into the hands of visitors. It was a shame really as people had come to Stratford to watch the Olympic sports, not to have religion shoved down their throats. It was at times so negative and so in the face that it seemed to do more damage than good, turning people away from religion.
When Saint Francis of Assisi preached to the people he always greeted them in a non-confrontational way with the words, "Good Morning, good people". Greet people with a smile and with kind words and they warm to you. Greet people with a negative judgemental statement and you turn them away from you and utimately you turn them away from God.
With the Joshua Group, which included many enthusiatic and joyful young Catholics from around Europe helping us outside the Friary entrance in Stratford, we simply greeted people with a smile and offered drinks to people and face painting to children. The young volunteers from the Joshua group were an inspiration. Having seen the negative messages around the entrance to Stratford Station people seemed pleasently surprised to be greeted by smiling faces, joyful Catholics. It gave an impression that we can be joyful and also be Christian.

10th August - Meeting people on the streets and in the hall (1)
8th August - Face painting (1)
10th August - Police with Fr Jacopo and Antony, Alina from Poland (1)

Eucharistic Adoration

  Linking up with Saint Catherine's Church in Bow, Saint Patrick's Church in Soho Square, and the Joshua Camp based in Saint Bonaventure's School in Forest Gate, we have also been able to provide 24 hour Eucharistic adoration throughout the period of the Olympic Games, and various prayer evenings including Táize prayer evenings.
At Saint Patrick's in Soho Square the NightFever event took place every evening where people were simply invited into the Church to light a candle and spend some time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Again it was non-confrontational, and many people from all backgrounds and walks of life commented on just how prayerful and peaceful the atmosphere was.

7th August - Taize Prayer Evening (9)
10th August - Night Fever in Soho Square (4)
12th August - Parish BBQ (1)
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Street Preachers
10th August - Meeting people on the streets and in the hall (5)
8th August - Face painting (5)
8th August - Face painting (6)

Peaceful Harmony

  As well as the great sporting events that have been taking place, and the amazing achievements of so many athletes, one of the great highlights of the London Olympics has been seeing so many people coming together from so many different nationalities. The Stratford area is filled with people of every race, creed and colour, people from every nation on earth coming together in a spirit of joy and celebration. Seeing people of every nationality coming together in peaceful harmony is an example to all the world that we as a human race are able to live together in peace and harmony.
A family fun day was held in the grounds of Saint Bonaventure's school and a parish BBQ was held in the Friary garden in Stratford.

11th August - Family BBQ at St Bonaventure (13)
11th August - Family BBQ at St Bonaventure (14)
12th August - Parish BBQ (3)