Order of Friars Minor in Great Britain

Living as a Franciscan Brother

  “I can remember speaking to a good friend who had been studying for a number of years in a seminary as part of his training to become a diocesan priest. And he said to me that even though he was preparing for priesthood it was not until the day of his ordination that he actually began to feel as though he was beginning to live his life and his God given vocation as a diocesan priest. Whilst the studies were of course important, he felt that during his studies he was waiting to begin his vocation.
My experience with the Franciscans has been very different. I genuinely felt that from the moment I entered the Postulancy I was already beginning to experience life as a Franciscan brother. And it was during the Noviciate in particular that I really felt that I was already beginning to live my life as a Franciscan brother, I was already fulfilling my vocation to be a Friar. In other words I did not have to wait until the end of my training and years of study to begin my vocation, because my vocation as a Friar had already begun. This was made clearly visible to me on the day I was clothed in the Franciscan habit. For me as a Franciscan brother that was the most special moment” (A. Friar).

Prayer and Brotherhood

  The brothers come together as often as seven times a day to celebrate Mass, to pray
the divine office and to spend time in silent prayer and meditation. As well as praying
together as a community the Novices also experience different methods of meditative
and contemplative personal prayer so as to help them to find the way that is most
suitable to the individual.
Usually on weekday mornings the Novices will gather together to study and to share some thoughts on the Rule and life of Saint Francis of Assisi, and the Constitutions of the Franciscan Order. There will be an opportunity to look at the history of the Franciscans in both Ireland and Great Britain so as to remind the Novices that they are part of a long history that continues to this day. The Novices