Order of Friars Minor in Great Britain

  In the month of August 2011 a whole series of riots broke out in London, and soon these riots began to spread to other cities in England. Relatively few young people were actually involved in the riots, and yet young people received much of the blame and were presented in the media as troublemakers. So much attention was given to the role of young people in the riots that the media really gave us a depressing image of the youth of today.
A week later an estimated 2.2 million young people gathered together in Madrid for the World Youth Day with Pope Benedict XVI, and yet as far as we know not one of them was arrested for bad behaviour. There was no trouble at all from the young pilgrims, teenagers and young adults, but sadly the media were simply not interested in reporting the good behaviour of the huge crowd of young people that filled the streets of Madrid.
There is so much good among young people and yet they are so often written off by the media and by older generations. And so an essential part of our ministry as Franciscans is to work with and alongside the youth, encouraging them as they grow into adulthood.

The World Youth Day in Madrid

Working with School and Parish Groups

  This work can take on many different shapes and forms, from working with the youth in parishes, to school visits, to leading the youth on various pilgrimages.